What Kind of Mattress is Good for Back Sleepers?


If you sleep on your back, there may be a dream mattress out there waiting for you.

For some people, it is one of the most difficult tasks in life trying to find just the right position to help them fall asleep. They try their both theirs, their stomach, and their back, but none quite feel right. Some people even try sleeping sitting straight up. Other people however, know exactly how they want to sleep, and for many, it is on their back. It is nice, simple, and relaxing just to lay down on your back, sink into your mattress, and enjoy sweet dreams while getting a good night’s rest. If you are a back sleeper though, you will need to make sure you are investing in the right mattress for that though. You want a nice mattress with about medium firmness that supports your lower back, otherwise you are bound to wake up feeling sore and stiff. So, if you find yourself often sleeping on your back, invest in a mattress like one of the ones listed below.

Memory Foam

Everyone has heard of memory foam, since so many are quick to advertise it, but not many really understand what it is. A memory foam mattress offers back support, pressure relief, and body contouring. They are also designed taking into consideration cooling, which is especially helpful with back pain if you are a back sleeper. A memory foam mattress is actually perfect for all sleeping styles, so if you share your mattress with someone who is not a back sleeper, a memory foam mattress will be perfect for your bedroom.


An innerspring mattress is among one of the most common and popular mattress types in all of America. Actually, odds are, you are already sleeping on one in your home. The innerspring mattress type offers back support, while also reducing motion while you are moving around in bed. Fortunately, an innerspring mattress is available for whatever your price range may be and the more important back support you need, the higher quality innerspring mattress is available. A mattress with a sleep number can also help readjust the firmness of the mattress if it is not quite where you need it to be.

Combination mattress

Similar to a memory foam mattress, a combination mattress is ideal for couples who having different sleeping styles. As stated before, a back sleeper needs a mattress that is medium firm, so a combination mattress can be fitted to serve this need on the side the back sleeper is on. Meanwhile, the other side of the mattress can be made either more or less firm, depending on the partner’s sleeping style.


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