Mattress Sizes

At Mattress Peddlers, we’re not only a one-stop provider for all of your bed and mattress needs. One of the benefits from buying from our family-owned operation, is that we truly take the time to know our customers and learn their unique mattress needs. We offer the best prices for the best brands  of every component you need for the perfect night’s sleep and a wide selection for every size and body type – but, most importantly, we guide you in selecting the best mattress for unique sleeping needs. As a family-owned company, we pride ourselves on offering a personal touch to every customer.

As part of our customer service process, we like to learn exactly what it is that you’re looking for in a mattress – especially since, like the customer, each mattress is unique and different. We offer all forms of sleep tips  for getting that night’s sleep that has been eluding you, and the shopping tips to learn exactly what mattress you should be considering. But aside from the construction of the mattress itself, the size you select is of equal importance to your overall rest and sleep.


At 37-inches wide by 74-inches long, a twin mattress is the smallest bed available. Its compact size makes it ideal for children and single adults, and – on that note – a great size for small living spaces, such as a studio apartment.


Slightly larger than the twin size, a full mattress is 52-inches wide and 74-inches long, and is often referred to as a “double” size. A full-size mattress is 16-inches wider than a twin as is a good choice for spare spaces, such as a guest room.


At 59-inches wide and 79-inches long, a queen size bed is easily the most popular mattress size available – making it ideal for a master bedroom that’s at least 10 x 10 square feet. A queen size also offers plenty of space for couples or for individuals who like having extra room to move around in bed.


At 75-inches wide and 79-inches long, the king mattress is large enough to accommodate couples who enjoy the luxury of having extra wiggle room. Owning a king requires a spacious master bedroom, preferably at least 12 x 10 square feet.

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