Mattress Use and Care

At Mattress Peddlers, we are experts at helping our customers choose the best mattress that’s right them. We always take the time to know our customers and to educate them on the many differences in mattress brands and styles, offering numerous shopping tips for making their choice to helpful sleep tips to give themselves the most restful, healthiest night of natural sleep. But that education doesn’t end there! Experts estimate that a good mattress will last you approximately 7 to 10 years – if, of course, it is properly maintained. After you’ve selected your mattress, here a few quick (but necessary) tips in caring for your new investment and its integrity in giving you a great night’s sleep!

  • There may be a kid in all of us, but no matter what, no jumping on the bed! Silly as it may sound, the weight of jumping can permanently damage your mattress’ springs.
  • When you first get your mattress home, it’s important to let it mattress air out. Your new mattress has been wrapped in plastic for a long period of time and may need to breathe before you put fresh sheets on. Take the plastic wrapping off the mattress and lean it against the wall to air it out all the way around, ensuring the most comfortable first night’s sleep.
  • To lengthen your mattress’ lifespan, take the proper means of protecting. It’s easy to forget, but the truth is, you’ll be using your mattress more than any other piece of furniture in your house. Keep your mattress clean and dry by using a high-quality, water-proof mattress protector (many of which can also help with dust-mites and allergies).
  • It is recommended to flip your mattress at least a few times a year. This basic action (which is easy to remember one afternoon when changes the sheets, or during Spring Cleaning) will distribute the wear and tear through daily usage equally on both sides, effectively lengthening your mattresses longevity. When you do the flipping, try running a vacuum over the mattress to collect any dust particles that may have gathered.
  • Always support your mattress with a good, solid bed frame. Here at Mattress Peddlers, we offer numerous styles and shapes of durable bed frames in our furniture department. For best results, use a strong, stable foundation frame to keep your mattress set secure.

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