Shopping Tips

At Mattress Peddlers, we always take the time to educate our customers on the many style and constructions of the numerous mattresses that we offer, aiming to help them make the best selection to suit their individual needs. Mattresses come in so many diverse shapes, sizes and styles, that – when coupled with the uniqueness of each person’s own body type – the list of possibilities can be endless. We not only offer shopping tips and advice and sleep tips on attaining your best night’s sleep, but want to give you a few quick tips to get you started!

Recognize Your Mattress Needs

Everyone wants the most comfortable mattress that will offer them the best possible night’s sleep. But before you head out the store, it’s always best to take a little bit of time to run through a checklist of the needs you’ll want that mattress to meet. Ask yourself if your personal lifestyle has changed since the last time you were in the market for a new mattress. Are you sharing your bed with a spouse? Have you developed any new allergies or been diagnosed with any chronic muscle aches and pains? Have you perhaps moved into a living space of a different size? You should ask yourself each one of these simple questions to determine if your mattress needs have changed.

Give It a Quick Test Run

When you’re ready to visit a mattress store, you’ll definitely be shown a number of brands, styles, and sizes to choose from. There’s no rush! For each model mattress that you’re considering, take it for a brief “test run.” Lie down in your usual sleep position and give yourself a few minutes to really consider the feel and fit. Turn from side to side, evaluate the support level, and make sure you feel relaxed and comfortable in all positions.

Know Your Budget

This one can be a little tricky, since there is a common misconception that the most expensive mattress is always the best one. Not true! Know your budget and consider the best mattress that offers you the best benefits and qualities to suit your unique needs. Many modern mattresses offer incredible technologies in providing restful sleep at a fraction of what other alternatives may cost. Only you know your needs and your budget – so consider both equally. Remember, most people replace their mattress every 7-10 years. For a mattress that costs $1,000, that’s only about thirty cents a day – and you can’t put a price tag on the health benefits that the right mattress brings to your night’s rest and daily routine.

How Important is a Warranty?

When you buy a new mattress, you’re committing yourself to a purchase that will affect your health, routine, and overall wellbeing. So, you’ll truly want to do your research and you’re your time when making your selection. At Mattress Peddler’s our vast selection of mattress brands come with a manufacturer’s warranty. However, a mattress brand’s warranty is provided to protect you against manufacturing defects, not normal wear from regular use.

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