Why a Soft Mattress May Be a Perfect Fit

Why a Soft Mattress May be the Perfect Fit

A soft mattress could be the key to achieving the restful nights you so desire.

If you’re seeking a sleep surface that offers unparalleled comfort via the gentlest and dreamiest embrace imaginable, well, a soft mattress could be the key to achieving the restful nights you so desire. For many who’ve never truly experienced it, sinking into a juuust-right cushy-soft mattress can be an eye-opening—or rather, eye-closing (…y’know, because sleep…)—experience.

Read along below as we explore the particular qualities of a soft mattress that may well lead to a vast overall improvement your sleep hygiene.

Understanding a Soft Mattress

A soft mattress is designed to provide that luxurious sinking-into-a-cloud sensation, perfectly molding and conforming to your body every time you lie down. These mattresses typically feature multiple layers of padding, such as microfiber or memory foam. A well-crafted soft mattress will contour to your body’s natural curves, adapting to your movements and leaving a temporary impression when you get up that will be waiting to “reemerge” when it’s once more bedtime.

The Benefits for Side Sleepers

If you happen to be a side sleeper, you’re likely well familiar with the challenges of finding the right mattress… When lying on your side, your hips and shoulders experience extra pressure from the mattress surface. This in turn can lead to discomfort and soreness that plague you throughout the day. A soft mattress can be a game-changer for side sleepers, as it provides the necessary give to cushion these particular pressure points. By allowing your hips and shoulders to rest in a more neutral position, a soft mattress promotes better spinal alignment and can alleviate morning soreness.

Perfect, in Particular, for the Petite 

The firmness of a mattress is, of course, a subjective judgment, but for individuals varies “experientially” as a factor of body weight more than anything else. If you’re among the lightweight body type—say, weighing under 130 pounds or so—you may find that a soft mattress feels just right. Unlike heavier individuals who naturally sink deeper into firmer mattresses, lightweight sleepers may won’t experience that same level of contouring and support with more “relative” resistance. And so, a soft mattress can provide the perfect balance of comfort and support—without feeling excessively plush.

Relieving Aches and Pains

Do you frequently wake up with lingering aches and pains? Your mattress—O, betrayal most foul!—might be the culprit. -Fact is, a mattress that doesn’t adequately support your body can lead to tweaked pressure points and joint misalignment, resulting in the aforementioned discomfort. A soft mattress offers superior cushioning, particularly in sensitive areas like the hips, knees, and shoulders. It provides enough give to alleviate pressure while (crucially) maintaining proper spinal alignment, reducing the risk of waking up feeling like you’d gotten TKOed by the Sandman in Round 12…

Enhancing Your Existing Mattress

If you’re not quite ready to invest in a new mattress, there are ways to make your current mattress feel softer. One option is to try flipping or rotating it. Some mattresses are designed to be flipped, allowing you to experience different levels of firmness on each side. Alternatively, rotating the mattress 180 degrees can alter the feel and provide a slightly softer sleeping surface.

Another cost-effective solution is using a mattress topper. Made from materials like memory foam, a topper sits on top of your mattress, adding an extra layer of cushioning. The thickness of the topper will determine the level of softness it imparts to your mattress. Experimenting with different topper options can help you achieve the desired softness without replacing your entire mattress.


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