The Basics of Cleaning Pillows


As with all things bedding, it’s important to make sure you have clean pillows!

Keeping your bedroom clean comes down to a few areas. You’ve got to keep your sheets, blankets, and even pillows clean in order to have the ideal sleeping experience. While we’re already sweeping the floor and dusting, it’s good to take a moment to clean your pillows properly. If you’re unsure of how to properly clean your pillows, let’s take a look.

Air Your Pillows Out

If you don’t tend to wash your pillows, you may be letting them accumulate germs. A good, routine method of keeping pillows is to regularly fluff them out. Not only does this remove dust and keep things a bit cleaner, but it also helps pillows return to that nice, fluffy shape you’ve come to love. Additionally, you can hang them outdoors on a clothesline every few months to help them air out. If you’re unable to do that, try running them through your dryer on a no-heat cycle to help restore some life to your pillows.

How Often Should They Be Washed?

You don’t really need to clean your pillows in your washing machine as often as you may think as that can diminish their quality pretty quickly. A few times a year, however, you’ll want to run them through to get rid of dirt, dust, and even dead skin. Just be sure to take a look at the instructions on the label. When you do run your pillows through the machine, be sure to do so on the gentle cycle.

Hand-Washing and Drying

Down and feather-filled pillows are best cleaned by hand. Simply fill a basin with warm water, add some detergent, and submerge your pillow. Afterwards, roll the pillow in a drive towel and then put it in your washing machine on the slowest possible spin cycle. This gets rid of any leftover water.

Now that your pillow is clean, it’s time to dry it completely so as to prevent mildew from developing. You can place your pillow in your dryer for about an hour on moderate heat, and if you want to speed the process up, just add a few dry towels. Make sure your pillow is completely dry before going back to sleep!

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