How to Find the Perfect Mattress For Allergy Season


You may not even realize it but sometimes your mattress can make seasonal allergies worse.

When allergy season rolls around, it can be a real nightmare for some of us. While others reap the benefits of warm weather and blooming trees, allergy sufferers can’t seem to find the time to enjoy the season in between all the sneezing. It gets to be a matter of trying everything you can just to have some allergy relief. Sometimes, the right mattress is all you need to get a restful sleep during allergy season.

Are Your Allergies Related to Your bedding?

Allergies are usually defined by the watery, itchy eyes and sniffling noses that tend to come around as soon as the weather warms up. If you find yourself unable to sleep at night because of coughing or sneezing, but it has lasted long enough that you know you aren’t sick, it may be time to take a look at your mattress.

Memory Foam and Latex

Thanks to the solid core of memory foam mattresses, there aren’t nearly as many nooks and crannies for allergens to collect in. There aren’t places for irritants to attach to, either. On a typical mattress, you’ll sometimes find yourself struggling to sleep through the night because allergens have accumulated in the little areas you can’t easily clean. Opting for a memory foam mattress means you’re getting one big, solid piece of material—without all of those little spots for allergens to hide.

What if You Prefer Innerspring?

For those of us who love the feel of a traditional innerspring mattress but also suffer from serious allergies, there are a few things that can be done. If your allergies are more on the mild side, regularly vacuuming the mattress is a good way to keep it free from anything that might cause coughing or sneezing. Nowadays, there’s an entire market of allergy covers meant to be put on the bed beneath the sheets. Practicing regular mattress hygiene is always wise as well—taking the time to regularly clean your sheets and blankets can definitely help cut down on all those allergy issues.

Sleep Well With Mattress Peddlers

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