How Do You Get Rid of An Old Mattress?

Recycling old mattresses can be difficult if you don’t have the proper knowledge ahead of time.

Investing is a new mattress makes for better sleep and exciting times but it also leaves you with a big burden: getting rid of your old one. Mattresses are bulky, difficult to handle, and usually require more than one person to move. Thankfully, mattresses contain valuable materials that can make it easier to recycling. Some recycling companies don’t make it easy on someone just trying to get rid of one mattress though. If you need some tips for how to get rid of your old mattress and make way for a new one, read on below.

Get Recycling

These days, mattress recycling—rather than trashing—has become more prevalent than ever. This is due to more consumers being concerned about environmental impact and wanting to reuse materials as much as possible. Some municipalities even have states in place to ensure that mattresses end up where they are intended to be, in the recycling.

It’s easy to think that a mattress has no value once you’re done with it, but as tempting as it may be to just trash it, see if those materials can live another life. This is especially true for mattresses that can still be used as a mattress: while it may be uncomfortable for you and time for a replacement, other people might be able to benefit from your raggedy old bed. Upcycling is a great way to be kind to the environment and get that mattress out of your life.

Avoid Landfills

Your mattress has more components to it than you may realize, including organic and inorganic elements. If buried in the ground, those materials slowly break down. When we compost materials, the process mimics natural decomposition processes that helps break down organic materials in an environmentally friendly way. In contrast, trash left in landfills breaks down independently from the air which isn’t as good for the environment. This is because some materials break down sooner than others and the entire process ends up taking far longer. Natural elements, such as cotton, wool, and wood, can all decompose in just a few years. On the other hand, synthetic fabrics, foams, metals, and plastics can last decades or even centuries. Try to do what’s best and recycle your old mattress!

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