The Best Bed Sizes for Tall People

The Best Bed Sizes for Tall People

This blog will break down how to pick the best bed for tall people and share a few sleep tips for taller people.

Not only is bed size important for taller people, but it is also crucial for a good night’s rest when sleeping with someone over six feet. The bottom line is if you or your partner is over six feet tall, then you might find it challenging to find the right-sized mattress. This blog will break down how to pick the best bed for tall people and share a few sleep tips for taller people. Read on to learn more!

Why It Is Crucial to Pick the Right Mattress Size as a Taller Person

Some mattresses just are not long enough to support the head, pillow, and feet of tall people. But sleeping with a foot or leg hanging off the end of the bed is not a great solution. You need a balanced surface underneath the entire length of your body to help you relax and get all of the right attributes of sleep.

Best Beds for Tall People

If you are over 72 inches tall or longer, then you have to pick a bed and mattress that will allow you to stretch out in your bed fully. Some bigger-sized mattresses that are perfect for tall people are:

  • Queen beds
  • California queen beds
  • King beds
  • California king beds
  • Wyoming king beds
  • Alberta king beds
  • Alaskan king beds

Tall people should avoid twin-sized and full-size beds since they lack the proper dimensions.

Additional Sleeping Tips for Tall People

The most important sleep consideration for tall people is mattress size. But to help you get the best sleep possible. We have tips on our blog page about sleep position, sleep habits, and sleeping next to someone with a different height:

  • Try to sleep on your back: back sleeping is considered the best way to sleep for your spine, which is a vital consideration for tall people, who could experience worse posture and neck pain due to spending most of the day looking all the way down
  • Use your pillows strategically: we suggest supporting your spine by lying flat with one pillow underneath your knees and another under your neck, and not your head
  • Stretch before you go to sleep: tall people have to deal with looking down for most of the day, and stretching your spine is essential. Stretching before bed will release tension and relaxes your body to promote healthy sleep.


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