Tips for Buying a Mattress Without Testing It Out First

Tips for Buying a Mattress Without Testing It Out First

There are a couple of things you can do to ensure that you enjoy your new mattress before buying it.

Picking a new mattress can be a daunting task, especially when buying one online without trying it beforehand. There are a couple of things you can do to ensure that you enjoy your new mattress. Start off by conducting thorough research on different kinds of mattresses, firmness levels, and sizes to better understand the different available options. Taking advantage of online mattress quizzes helps narrow down choices based on your personal preferences. Looking for brands that offer generous home trails helps allow for the testing of the mattresses in your home before you commit to the purchase. Read on for a few tips about buying a mattress and how you can make an informed decision to find the mattress of your dreams!

Do Plenty of Research

It is essential to understand the differences between mattress types, mattress firmness, sizes, and more, so you have to have a general understanding of the different options out there before you narrow down your decision. Mattress types refer to the mattress’s construction and materials. There are various pros and cons to each mattress type in terms of price, comfort, and durability. The main mattress types are memory foam, hybrid, latex, and innerspring. A mattress’s top comfort layers will determine its firmness – how soft or firm it is. Firmness levels include one, which is extra soft; two to three, which is soft; four, which is medium-soft; five, for medium; six, for medium-firm; seven to eight for firm; and nine to ten for extra firm. Your preferred sleep position and weight are important considerations when picking the right firmness level, too.

Take a Mattress Quiz Online

Taking a mattress quiz is an easy and fun way to help you figure out which kind of mattress is right for you. You will be asked questions about who it is that sleeps in the bed with you, what you like your mattress to feel like, and whether you’ve got back pain or sleep hot, and then give you the best options that suit your needs.

Visit a Mattress Showroom

A few online mattress brands have showrooms where you could test the mattresses before you buy one. If there is one near you, this could be a good option before you hand over your credit card.

Picking the Right Extras

Beyond just the mattress, it is crucial to consider whether you will need a new foundation, bed frame, and accessories such as pillows, sheets, and protectors to make sure you get the most comfortable sleep possible. A lot of mattress stores offer brands for all of these products!


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