What to Know About Mattress Bases

What to Know About Mattress Bases
This article explores the different materials, types, and features of mattress bases.

Whether you are a first-time buyer or looking to upgrade your existing setup, discover the vital guide to understanding the primary factors that may enhance your sleep experience. This article explores the different materials, types, and features of mattress bases.

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Types of Mattress Bases

Each option includes its unique features and benefits. So, understanding the various types can assist you in making an educated decision depending on your specific needs and preferences. Let’s learn some prevalent types of mattress bases:

Traditional Box Springs

The construction of traditional box springs consists of a wooden frame with fabric-covered coils or springs inside. They are designed to support the mattress and act as a cushion. The benefits of box springs include shock absorption, improved airflow, and mattress height. However, wear and tear may minimize their longevity and may only be appropriate for some mattresses. 

Adjustable Bases

What’s great about adjustable bases is that you can change the angle at which your head, legs, or both rest. Its features may include massage options, remote controls, and pre-set configurations. In addition, the versatility of adjustable bases to provide comfort and support makes them popular. They can increase circulation, relax you, and address some medical conditions. However, they are typically more expensive than alternative solutions. 

Platform Beds

Platform beds feature a firm or slatted surface because they don’t require a box spring. They also come in various materials—metal, wood, and upholstery—providing a clean, modern design. Additionally, platform beds offer excellent stability and support for various mattresses, often feature storage below, and have a clean appearance. For people who prefer a softer feel, the firm surface may not be perfect.

Slatted Bed Bases

These types of mattress bases use wooden or metal slats, providing airflow and reducing moisture buildup. Most mattress types, like latex, memory foam, and hybrid, work excellently with slatted foundations. So, it’s critical that the slats have the correct spacing for appropriate support for the person.

Final Thoughts

Understanding the considerations and features of each mattress base type may help you determine which one best suits your sleep preferences and needs. At Mattress Peddlers, we like to learn exactly what our customers are looking for in a mattress since each one is unique. Call us at 302-947-9669 to discuss pricing!


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