The Ultimate Guide for Buying Mattresses

The Ultimate Guide for Buying Mattresses

When you invest in a new mattress, it is best to make sure that you buy a mattress that is properly sized and designed.

A new mattress is a worthwhile investment if you want to upgrade your sleeping experience. Modern mattresses are designed to promote max comfortability, restfulness, and support. When you invest in a new mattress, it is best to make sure that you buy a mattress that is properly sized and designed such that it will support your own sleeping style. Also, you should confirm that the mattress is supported by a sturdy base, and includes a warranty as well as fair shipping costs. Once you have weighed on those considerations, you can then determine whether an innerspring, hybrid, foam, or airbed mattress will be the best fit. Read on to learn more!


Mattresses come in Twin, XL, queen, king, full, and California King sizes. The height of your mattress is determined by measuring in inches from the bottom, where the mattress rests on its box spring, to the top of the mattress, including any pillow tip. The length of the mattress, in inches, is measured from the head to the foot of the mattress. Last, the width of the mattress, in inches, is measured from one side of their mattress to the other.


Companies invest their resources to develop specialized patented designs that could help support cooling for hot sleepers, stability for sleepers that need extra back support, and excellent cushioning. Each mattress brand puts time into its own mattress designs to ensure the best sleeping experience for its customers. A few brands will place their focus of their design on comfort, while others focus more on cooling or support. Make sure you’re accounting for which type of sleeper you are before you buy your new mattress.

Mattress Materials

The different design types of mattresses are memory foam, innerspring, hybrid, mattress in a box, and also air mattress. Innerspring mattresses are structured in an open coil style. Innerspring mattresses includes an interconnected collection of hourglass-shaped coils. Memory foam mattresses are usually made out of memory foam, which consists of polyurethane with extra chemicals that are intended to increase the mattress’s overall density and viscosity. The foam bubbles in your mattress are designed to be open, which will allow for maximal breathability. Hybrid mattresses are multi-layer mattresses that combine memory foam or latex with an innerspring system.

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