Smart Ways to Make Your Bedroom More Comfortable

Smart Ways to Make Your Bedroom More Comfortable

Get a jump on transitioning your bedroom into a comfortable escape!

Cold weather means less daylight and, unfortunately, less sleep time. Usually, people sleep on average of about 40 minutes less in the winter compared to the summer. There isn’t a better feeling than crawling into a snug bed on a cool evening. Get a jump on transitioning your bedroom into a comfortable escape now before the snow and ice hit again. Read on to learn how to make your bedroom much more comfortable.

Adjusting Your Bedroom Temperature

While it may be tempting to crank up the heat on the darkest days of winter so you can remain comfortable in bed, it’s counter to what your body needs to sleep. Even during the winter, a cool bedroom is better for quality sleep. The ideal room temperature for comfortable sleeping is about 65 degrees. Set your thermostat to cool things off slowly as the evening progresses so that by the time you slip into bed, your body will be prepared to sleep. Opening your bedroom window a bit or a fan can also be effective for keeping body temperatures cooler as the night progresses.

Winterize Your Bed

If your mattress is the hero of a great night’s sleep, your bed coverings are the guardians of all that is cozy inside of your bedroom. When it comes to staying warm in your own bed, think about texture with flannel or linen sheets. Pair some white sheets with bold and contrasting pillowcases because matching can sometimes be boring.

Layering with Throws, Blankets, and Afghans

While a cooler bedroom can help you sleep better, being chilly at night will definitely not help. On a chilly night, there isn’t anything better than snuggling under a handmade quality and afghan. As an additional bonus, the memories of winters gone past will add to the warmth you feel. Also, consider investing in silk bedding to keep you warm. Sticking to your average cotton sheets isn’t bad, but you might be missing out on an entire level of cozy and comfy sleep during the winter months.

Add Some Rugs

During the summer, there isn’t anything we love more than cool hardwood floors. But during the winter, our toes get twitchy just thinking about getting out of bed. Solve this issue by going old school and adding a softer shag rug on either side of your bed and a cozy wool rug for the center of your room. Contrasting colors, textures, and patterns on your rugs add to the comfortable feeling of any room when it is chilly outside.

Size Up Your Bed

At the end of a long day, it is night and the most critical function of your bedroom and mattress is to deliver a great night’s rest. If your mattress is around seven to ten years old or you sleep better away from your home than you do in your own bed, it is time to consider shopping for a brand new mattress.


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