What Should You Do When You Can’t Fall Asleep?


Having a tough time getting a good night of sleep? Try these tips.

There’s nothing quite as frustrating as when you’re tired and can’t get to sleep. Roughly 60 Million people across the US suffer from frequent sleeping troubles. Although the causes vary, there are a few useful methods that can help alleviate many of the problems.

Skip The Sheep

The trope of counting sheep isn’t as effective as we make it out to be, in fact, putting your focus on a specific task can actually cause your brain to stay more active and awake. Instead, try utilizing visualization techniques. Focus on a relaxing memory or scene, such as a beach or meadow. The focus should be on creating a calming, still image rather than focusing on specific, active thoughts.

Unplug Early

While it’s tempting to use before bedtime to catch up on your favorite show or scroll through your social media, unplugging early in the evening can make a huge difference. If you find yourself often having trouble falling asleep, you should begin turning electronics off an hour before bed. Use this time to practice quiet activities like reading, meditating or doing gentle before-bed yoga.

Focus On Breath

Much like in meditation and yoga practices, focus on the breath can be used to help calm the body. If you find yourself becoming frustrated that you can not sleep, using your breath to focus can help you alleviate your distress. Using a breathing pattern is one way to draw your attention to your breath. Breath in for 4 seconds, hold for 7 and then exhale for 8. This simple method is a favorite in meditation and is highly effective.

Take Your Mattress To Task

If sleeping is consistently tricky and you find yourself struggling to get comfortable the issue may be your mattress. Depending on the age and quality your mattress may need replacement to ensure you’re falling asleep quickly and staying asleep. Consider the age and wear of your mattress, does it make you too hot? Or do you wake up sore?


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