How to Tell It’s Time for a New Set of Pillows

How to Tell It’s Time for a New Set of Pillows

Bedroom pillows are the unsung stars in our bedrooms, helping prop up our necks so we sleep better.

Bedroom pillows are the unsung stars in our bedrooms, helping prop up our necks so we sleep better. But for some reason, we only give them attention once they grow old or lose their shape. Your old pillows might harbor a mix of dead skin, dust mites, bugs, and sweat. Pillowcases could be worse at harboring bacteria than a toilet seat. With all of these things moving around your pillow, you might be wondering “When is the best time to replace my pillows?” Read on to learn when it’s best to get a new set of pillows for your mattress!

Bad Pillow Smells

If your nose picks out a foul smell when you put your head down to sleep, time may be up to get a new pillow set. Unpleasant smells are a clear sign that bacteria and other body odors have seeped through the pillow’s surface. Do not confuse odors with the aroma of new synthetic memory foam pillows, which are stinky as well. Change your pillows, and don’t sprinkle baking soda and air into them hoping they smell brand new again.

Morning Headaches and Neck Pain

Does your neck feel slightly strained or does your head pound when you wake up each morning? Your old pillow might be the issue. Take that as a cue to replace the pillows. When a pillow loses its bounce or firmness, you can end up with bad neck pain. The same thing could occur when you pick the wrong kind of pillow for your natural sleeping style. If you are a side sleeper, get a firmer, thicker pillow. Stomach and back sleepers should opt for soft and thin pillows.

Discoloration of the Pillows

Ugly yellow spots on your pillow are the result of body sweat, oil, drooling, and makeup. All these are able to seep through your pillowcase and stain your pillows. If your existing pillows have a lot of stains, now could be the time to do a pillow change.

Lumps in the Pillow

This is a no-brainer. A lumpy pillow stands in the way of a good night’s sleep and has to be changed. Lumps could lead to uneven neck support, which increases tossing and turning while asleep. When there are lumps in the pillow, certain parts of the pillow will feel a lot more comfortable than others. This makes it challenging to reposition itself at night. If this is the case, get rid of the pillows and see what new ones are available at Mattress Peddlers!


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