Mattress Buying Blog for 2023

Mattress Buying Blog for 2023

We know mattress buying can be confusing, particularly in this day and age where so much initial research is done online.

Think about how many hours you spend sleeping. Ideally, it should be 8 hours a day, every day. That’s quite a significant amount of your time—in fact, it ends up being about a third of our lives! As a result of our time spent sleeping, we think it’s critical that you find the ideal sleep surface. 

That said, we know mattress buying can be confusing, particularly in this day and age where so much initial research is done online. After all, you’re here reading this blog! Just because mattress buying can be confusing doesn’t mean you have to go it alone though. Stop by Mattress Peddlers for some hands-on help, or keep reading to find out all the mattress buying details you’ll ever need.

Mattress Support

Quality sleep is more than just closing your eyes and drifting off into dreamland. It’s about positioning your body in the perfect way to promote relaxation and a healthy spine. The key to a restful night’s sleep is a bed that provides proper support to keep your back in the right position. By maintaining good alignment, you’ll be giving yourself the best chance to enjoy a rejuvenating sleep and wake up refreshed and pain-free. Choose a mattress that supports your body well and won’t result in you waking up in pain.

Overall Comfort

The level of firmness is key to a comfortable mattress, as it determines how much you’ll sink into the bed and ultimately how well you’ll sleep. All of this plays into comfort, which is something that can be a bit tricky to nail down. Keep in mind that what feels like paradise to one person might not work for another. Our unique body types, sleep positions, and weight distribution all play a role in finding the perfect mattress match. Don’t settle for less than your ideal level of comfort.

Pressure Relief

A good mattress is like a secret weapon when it comes to evenly distributing weight and preventing any pain from forming in your shoulders, hips, and back. How does it work, you ask? Well, it all comes down to how the mattress contours around your body as you settle into your favorite sleeping position. As you get cozy, you’ll notice how the mattress adjusts to your unique body shape and provides the ultimate pressure relief.

Beds that are too firm offer very little pressure relief, which may work for some people who prefer to stay on the surface and avoid any sinking. However, for back and stomach sleepers, it’s important to find a mattress that aligns your spine correctly and prevents any unwanted pain from keeping you up at night. So, for most people, you can aim for a mattress in the middle of the firmness scale for the most blissful and pressure-free sleep experience.

Motion Prevention

Have you ever been rudely awakened by your bed partner’s constant tossing and turning, or their comings and goings from the bed? We feel you! The good news is, there’s a solution to this common problem, and it’s called motion isolation. This refers to a bed’s ability to minimize the feeling of movement, whether it’s from your partner or even your furry friend.


When doing your research on Mattress Peddlers, you’ll find we match up to top-quality mattress company criteria, and even go beyond it! We’ve been a family-owned business providing quality mattresses and furniture throughout Delaware and even beyond since 1994. We love working closely with our customers to figure out their needs and also offer free shipping throughout Lewes, Millsboro, Rehoboth Beach, Harbeson, and the surrounding areas of Delaware.

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