A Handy Sleeping Positions Guide

A Handy Sleeping Positions Guide

There is no denying that people have specific sleeping positions, but which ones are the best?

There is no denying that people have specific sleeping positions — but did you know there are some that might be better than others? In fact, sleeping on your side versus your back might provide certain benefits depending on your specific needs. The reality is, your sleep position will dictate how you’ll feel when you wake up in the morning. Ultimately, being more aware of how you sleep can help you make any necessary changes to your sleeping position so you can wake up feeling rested and pain-free. Here is a super handy guide to really help make your sleep significantly better and more improved overall. 

If You’re A Back Sleeper for Sleeping Positions

For back sleepers, the tendency to revert to this position is quite unconscious. In fact, back sleeping is typically thought to be the most ideal sleeping position generally. The reality is, when looking to unwind and find the most optimal type of slumber, consider trying to lay on your back and sleep. Ultimately, back sleepers usually report no issues with pain upon waking and tend to find quality sleep a lot more frequently than other types of sleepers.

If You’re A Side Sleeper

One of the most common types of sleeping positions is a side sleeper. In fact, it may not be the sleeping position that’ll help protect your muscles and bones while you sleep, it can be a great option for a variety of people for other reasons. The reality is, for pregnant people, side sleeping tends to be the preferred sleeping position because it promotes circulation throughout the body. Ultimately, side sleeping can even have its advantages in reducing any symptoms of acid reflux or GERD — if that is something you need to consider for your health overall.

If You’re A Stomach Sleeper

One of the funnier positions to sleep in is the stomach. In fact, most experts typically discourage stomach sleeping because it doesn’t necessarily provide any health benefits and can actually be slightly harmful to your overall health. The reality is, stomach sleepers might tend to experience a lot more back pain overall than other types of sleepers which is why the position is so widely discouraged generally. Ultimately, if you can’t help but sleep on your stomach, then it might be beneficial to place a pillow under your stomach to help support and protect your back as you sleep. 


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