Can Mattresses Cause Snoring?


Struggling with a big snoring problem? Believe it or not, mattresses can be a contributing factor to this problem.

Your mattress should be your escape, your retreat, your salvation from your hard day of work. After all, we spend a third of our lives sleeping, so we should maximize our experience in bed and strive to minimize disruptions. One of the biggest sleep disruptions is snoring, whether it is your own snoring or your partner’s. Did you know that your mattress can cause you to snore? It may seem impossible, but it is true. Keep reading to learn how mattresses can in fact cause you to snore when you are asleep.

How Does it Happen?

Snoring typically occurs when your airways are obstructed when you sleep. If your mattress fails to support your neck properly, it can directly be causing you to sleep. When your head is not adequately supported, your lower jaw can hang open, which will further obstruct your airways and make your snoring even worse. It is super important to know what to look for in a mattress when buying your next one.

Conform to the Curve of Your Spine

It is vital that you find a mattress that conforms to the curve of your spine to prevent snoring from waking you or your partner up at night. Your spine needs to be kept straight while sleeping, whether you sleep on your back or on your side. Neck and head support are the most important aspects when trying to keep your breathing unobstructed.

One reason your mattress may not be supporting your spine correctly is that it is too soft. While it may be tempting to opt for a soft, plush mattress, make sure to purchase something a little firmer than you are used to. Soft mattresses do not offer the support that is necessary to impede snoring. To the same token, make sure to avoid mattresses that are too hard as well. Very firm mattresses do not allow your spine to naturally curve, which can again cause you to start snoring. Try to choose a medium-firm mattress that conforms to your shape and also supports your neck and back. Memory foam mattresses are a great choice because they mold to your body’s natural curves and aid in keeping your spine aligned.

Got Mattress Questions? Ask Mattress Peddlers

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