Do Cooling Mattresses Really Work?

Do Cooling Mattresses Really Work?

You may want to think about cooling mattresses, which can be a big help in keeping you cool even during the warmest of nights.

If you’ve ever experienced a night spent tossing and turning instead of getting quality sleep, you realize how important your sleeping temperature can be. While you may be able to get some control over this with the right blanket or floor fan, you may also want to think about cooling mattresses, which can be a big help in keeping you cool even during the warmest of nights.

Cooling mattresses can help anyone who may be dealing with night sweats, hot flashes, or summer nights that are too hot to handle. If you’re looking for better, more restful sleep and know that temperature is a big part of it, read on to see more about what cooling mattresses are capable of.

How Do They Work?

A cooling mattress will draw heat away from your body, which results in a lowered overall body temperature, by using specific materials or scientifically-developed materials. Some of these mattresses will even let you set what your perfect sleep temperature is. More advancements in smart tech allow you to control your mattress from your phone, adjusting the temperature throughout the night for consistently great sleep, improved airflow, and better breathability.

What Are the Benefits?

There are a number of benefits people look for when they get cooling mattresses, including:

Better sleep quality. Temperature can impact how our brains work and whether or not we think it’s time to sleep. If you’re too hot at night, you’re likely to experience sleep disruptions. Studies also show that sleep deficiency can lead to bigger health issues including heart disease, diabetes, stroke, obesity, depression, and much more, so it’s important that you get a good night of rest every night!

Improved sleep for couples. It’s common when couples sleep together that one partner sleeps warmer than the other. A cooling mattress can help solve this problem and empower you to cuddle again, and if one person tends to get colder at night, they can easily readjust with additional blankets.

Energy savings. Since many people sleep better when it’s cold, so many people end up cranking their air conditioners to the max. While that might result in better sleep, it also means higher energy bills. Over the long term, you can save money with a cooling mattress even though the initial investment might be steep.

Fewer night sweats. If you suffer from night sweats or hot flashes, you’ll be happy to hear that cooling mattresses have been shown to have a huge positive impact. No more waking up with sweat-soaked sheets and plenty of restful nights are ahead.


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