What Exactly is a Plush Mattress?

What Exactly is a Plush Mattress?

Plush mattresses feel super-soft, and are often described as “cloud-like,” as they provide sleepers with plenty of cushioning comfort.

Plush mattresses feel super-soft, and are often described as “cloud-like,” as they provide sleepers with plenty of cushioning comfort. They are a luxurious sleeping solution for those who sleep on their side, small sleepers, sleepers who sleep with pain, and many more. However, even the idea of sleeping on a cloud may sound appealing to everyone, plush mattresses are only comfortable for certain people – as they can cause aches and pains in a few sleepers. Understanding how this mattress feels and supports you is crucial in deciding whether or not a soft bed can work for your sleeping needs. Read on to learn all about a plush mattress!

Why Does Firmness Matter

A mattress’s firmness level will impact the bed’s initial feel when you lay on it for the first time. Understanding mattress firmness levels will help you recognize the primary differences between these mattresses, as well as what to expect from the specific firmness levels. There is no industry standard for firmness levels, but the correct mattresses firmness scale is from one to ten, with one being the most soft and ten the firmest. Your standard plush mattress is typically a three out of ten.

Firm vs. Plush Mattresses

Firm mattresses are the opposite of a plush, rating in at seven out of ten on the firmness scale. Firm mattresses provide an even, comfortable sleeping space for back, stomach, and plus-sized sleepers who need a bit more pushback to prevent them from sinking down in their bed. Firm mattresses have a thin comfort layer, while plush mattresses are very thick. A few companies even refer to their mattresses as “plush firm,” though this can be a bit confusing. When you see the term plush firm, it is describing a firm mattress when extra padding, much like a top pillow mattress. This kind of mattress might also be called a “cushion firm” or “luxury firm.”

Who Needs a Plush Mattress?

Plush mattresses suit petite-sized sleepers because these beds contour well with minimum weight. Side sleepers will also benefit from this plush mattress since the extra padding, and cushioning prevents pressure build-up in their shoulders and hips. Petite sleepers are light, less than 130 pounds, so they will not put a lot of unwanted pressure on their mattresses, and as a result, do not feel much contouring on a firmer mattress. Instead, petite sleepers need medium and soft beds to conform to their bodies and alleviate pressure. The same goes for side sleepers, and make sure they’ve got a good pillow for neck support as well.


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