How Sleep Helps Fight Any Sickness

How Sleep Helps Fight Any Sickness

Can sleep really make that much of a difference when you’re sick?

When you think about how to live a stronger, healthier life, what comes to mind? For many people, it comes down to the advice we all got as kids: eat better, exercise more, and get a good night’s rest. Can sleep really make that much of a difference? In short, yes. Think about how you feel when you’re sick. All you want to do is sleep. This is because sleep helps us heal, and making sure you’re getting enough good rest can actually help boost your immune system and keep you well.

Sleep And Your Immune System

It’s easy to assume that when you fall asleep, your whole body is resting, but that’s not exactly true. Your immune system actually revs up during your sleeping time so that it can assess the state of your body and identify and start to fight off any threats. When you aren’t getting enough sleep, or the sleep you’re getting isn’t good quality, your immune system is sluggish, sending out fewer important disease-fighting antibodies like cytokines. On average, most adults should get at least seven hours of sleep to maintain their immune system prowess.

Sleep And Your Mental Health

There is also a connection between your mental health and sleep as well, and it goes in both directions. When you don’t get enough sleep, it can negatively impact your mental health. Unfortunately, when your mental health is impacted – by stress, anxiety, or isolation for instance – it can also impact your sleep. So poor sleep makes it harder to maintain good mental health, and poor mental health makes it harder to get good sleep – a viscous cycle.

Ways To Get Better Sleep

Since sleep is vital to good health, it is important to get the best sleep possible. This can be hard for people, especially when the state of the world increases your anxiety, or if you’ve established poor sleep habits. Establishing a good pre-sleep routine that you do everyday can help. Start with something that relaxes you, such as some light exercise or yoga, a warm cup of caffein-free tea, or a warm bath. About an hour or two before bed, shut off the electronics. Part of this is the blue light they emit, which decreases serotonin, but the stress of what you’re watching and reading can also disrupt your sleep. Finally, make sure your bedroom is comfortable for sleeping, including a good mattress that fits your body and sleep style.


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