Helpful Tips to Improve Your Sleep Environment

Helpful Tips to Improve Your Sleep Environment

More and more people are starting to realize the benefits of practicing proper sleep hygiene.

Thanks to the abundance of information on sleep medicine and sleeping conditions, there is now a growing awareness of the importance of getting high-quality sleep every single night. More and more people are starting to realize the benefits of practicing proper sleep hygiene and how it can positively impact their lives. Many of us sleep with the television on, browse our phones, and a variety of other activities that are not associating with sleep. If sleep is essential to you, then consider the following tips to help improve your sleep environment.

Change How You Think About Your Sleep Environment

One of the biggest keys to improving your sleep environment is evaluating what you associate your bedroom with. Ideally, your room should really only be used for two reasons: sleeping and downtime. Everything else done in your room serves no other real purpose other than distracting you from sleep.

Clean Out the Clutter

Your bedroom is not your office, playroom, or gym. To begin associating it with sleep, you will have to get all of the stuff out that are potential distractions. Put your treadmill in another room, move the computer and desk, and most importantly (and hardest) ditch your television. Having your bedroom as the go-to place for other activities only leads to your brain associating it with other things. If your bedroom is strictly for sleeping, you will have no trouble falling asleep on your comfy mattress.

Keep Your Sleep Environment Quiet

Noise is another common sleep issue. Whether the sounds are coming from within the room, down the hall, or across the street, noise can prevent us from getting enough sleep. If your sleep environment has noises that are beyond your control (like neighbors or traffic), consider sleeping with a sound machine. Sound machines produce mellow, soothing sounds that not only help you relax for sleep but also drown out other sounds that could wake you up from sleep.

Keep Your Bedroom Cool

As you go to bed, your body temperature starts to drop as it prepares itself for sleep. Keeping your room a cold temperature (usually between 60-67 degrees) can help greatly in the process of cooling your body. Sleeping in a pair of shorts without a shirt can also help you get more comfortable.


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