Can Stress Impact How Well You Sleep?


Feeling stressed as of late? Sleep may have a close relationship to your stress that’s worth examining.

Have you been dealing with an inordinate amount of stress lately? Perhaps you’re struggling to get ahead at work, or you’re bogged down by schoolwork, or you’re dealing with any number of potential personal issues. Whatever your woes may be, the quality of your sleep can actually be impacted by what your stress levels are. In fact, it could be said that sleep and stress are co-dependent on one another. You may not even realize just how much your stress is impacting your sleep which is why we’ve drawn up a list of some potential impacts.

Even More Stress

As we said, sleep and stress are actually codependent on one another. Dealing with less sleep as a result of stress? It’s likely that the situation is just going to make you even more stressed. Your body is going to end up naturally boosting stress hormones when you don’t get enough rest, creating a vicious cycle that takes some steps to get out of. But why does stress interrupt your sleep anyway?

Interrupting Your Sleep

When you’re stressed, you’re going to end up kept up at night over the thought of whatever is causing that stress. This ends up with you tossing and turning, worrying even more about how you need to get sleep to function the next day. Even if you do fall asleep, you may not get restful, quality sleep because of your stress. Being stressed out can cause you to wake up throughout the night and interrupted sleep can cause serious issues. Let’s look at some possible solutions.

Be Sure to Relax

Whatever is causing all that turmoil in your life is taking its toll on your physical health which means it’s time to take some further steps. Schedule some time before bed to wind down and relax. Turn your phone off, get away from screens and anything else that might make you prone to stress, and give yourself time to cool down. Taking a bath or meditating can also help alleviate some of your headaches in life.

Do Some Exercise

Finally, if you’re still struggling to sleep, get some of that anxious energy out by exercising. This can help calm your mind and tire your body out, which goes a long way in you getting to sleep at night. Just leave a window between exercising and going to bed for you to cool down.

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