Should You Buy a New Mattress Online or In-Store?

New Mattress

If you’re in the market for a new mattress, you may consider purchasing one online. Is there a benefit to heading into the store and checking one out in person?

In the digital age, you can buy almost anything online – from groceries to plants and even a mattress. But should you buy your mattress online? A new mattress can be a long term investment, not to mention it can significantly impact your health and happiness. Whether you should buy online versus in-store can vary significantly depending on a few considerations. 

Buying Online 

When buying a mattress online, it’s important to remember that it’s a convenience over security. Even a mattress with great reviews can be a bad fit if it’s not the right comfort level for your body. That said, looking online does give you a chance to check reviews for issues like long term durability, price comparison and to remove the pressure of a sales floor. It is true that some mattress sellers have a bad reputation for being too pushy, and shy customers may have a hard time relaxing enough to try a mattress in person. 

Buying In Person 

Despite the above-mentioned benefits, when you’re dealing with a trusted mattress professional like Mattress Peddlers, you can be sure the in-person experience is worth it. A mattress can, and should, be a large purchase, both in a monetary and physical sense you should always see, try, and examine it in person. Not only will you have the chance to ensure your mattress is a good fit before you buy, but you can check the materials to make sure they’re as high-quality in person as they are online. Most sellers, online or not, offer a trial period, but it’s important to consider how difficult it is to return a bed in a box. Meanwhile, if a mattress from a physical store turns out to not be the right fit, you can have a new one as soon as you return the other.   


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