What’s Causing Your Overheating at Night?


Looking for ways to beat the heat? No one wants to find themselves overheating at night so look at these common causes.

Sleep is essential for your health. When we sleep, our bodies and minds heal, process the effects of the day, and revitalize for the next day. Whether you have insomnia or restless sleep, not getting proper rest at night can negatively impact your life. If the root of your sleep issues is overheating at night, it is luckily something that you might be able to remedy, if you can determine why you’re overheating.

Bed Sharing

When you share your bed, you’re increasing the body heat. This applies to sharing your bed with a partner, a kid, and even a pet. If this is what is making you overhear at night, put a little space between you and your bed companion. If your bed is too small to allow this, you may want to consider upgrading by one mattress size so you have space to spread out.


If you’re fighting off sickness or an infection, it might be making you hotter at night. While it could be the effect of being sick, like a fever, it could also be caused by the medications you’re taking. If you’ve started a new medication and you’ve noticed that you’re overheating or perspiring heavily, talk to your doctor.

Hormone Levels

For women, hormonal cycles can elevate body temperatures and make it harder to sleep. During menopause, this is even more common. Adding a fan and lowering room temperatures might help. Getting a new mattress type might also help you stay cool. If this is causing a big disruption in your sleep, consider talking to your doctor.

New Routines

If you’ve recently started a new exercise regimen or increased the intensity of your workouts, this could be making you hotter at night. Increasing physical activity increases metabolism which in turn can disrupt your ability to regulate body temperature. This should only be a temporary issue as your body adjusts to the new routine.

Environmental Factors

If your room is too hot or humid, this could be what is making you overheat. Most people sleep better in cooler rooms, and if yours is too hot it might be disrupting your sleep. Consider switching to AC in warmer months and lowering the thermostat in colder months. You could also consider adding a fan to your room.


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