The Top Sleep Issues Related to Aging

Sleep Issues

Aging brings a whole new host of different sleep issues that may be preventing you from getting quality rest.

There are plenty of factors that can impact how you sleep, when you sleep, and the quality of your sleep, especially as you age. This is because your health, brain functions, and even daily routines can change the older you get. It’s common for some sleep issues to develop once you get older, so being aware of what those changes might bring, can be very helpful. Let’s take a look at what sleep issues are often related to aging and how they may impact your body and rest.

Sleep Apnea

Once you get older, or as a result of gaining weight, you’re more likely to develop sleep apnea. This occurs when breathing becomes obstructed while you’re sleeping, which may often cause snoring or discomfort at night. Obstructive sleep apnea is caused by muscles in the throat relaxing, which makes it difficult for air to pass through. There’s also central sleep apnea, where the brain isn’t sending the right signals to control breathing during sleep. Finally, there’s complex, which is a combination of the previous two kinds of sleep apnea.


Insomnia is one of the most common sleep issues that impacts older people. This is especially the case because of health issues as well as medications that older folks tend to deal with, which means that it becomes difficult to fall asleep at night. You may wake up at night, feel exhausted in the morning, or even feel tired throughout the day.


In contrast to insomnia, hypersomnia is all about being excessively sleepy during the daytime or even spending too much time sleeping. Even once you’re over the age of 65, it’s inadvisable to sleep more than 9 hours per day, so it’s important to keep busy and stay awake. Hypersomnia can be caused by medical conditions, however, including diabetes, thyroid issues, heart disease, and depression.

Restless Legs Syndrome

Restless leg syndrome is significantly more common in the elderly than other adult populations. Symptoms can vary, but often it involves a desire to move your legs around while lying down, involuntary leg movements either when sleeping or while awake, or just feeling tired during the day and unable to focus as a result.

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