Mattress Myths You Shouldn’t Fall For

Mattress Myths

Avoid becoming a victim of these mattress myths by finding out the truth with us here at Mattress Peddlers!

If you’re considering purchasing a new mattress, you’re going to want to do an adequate amount of research to find what’s right for you. At times, that’s going to mean being on the lookout for common myths. Like most industries, the mattress business is susceptible to these consumer myths that ultimately lead people astray when trying to purchase a new bed. Don’t worry though, as we’ve got your back when it comes to this. We’re going to break down some common mattress myths that you want to make sure you’re avoiding.

Firm Mattresses For Bad Backs

You’ve likely heard that a firm mattress is best for anyone who has a bad back. The truth is, this is still somewhat situational and depends on the person and what the back problems at hand are. If you really want to minimize any pain, you should find a bed that actually conforms to your sleeping position and provides you with adequate. Sometimes that means a firmer mattress, but sometimes mattresses that are too firm can actually exacerbate these issues. In some cases, a medium-firm sleeping solution may be ideal.

Monthly Mattress Flipping

If you’ve heard of mattress flipping, you may have heard different recommendations for how often it must be done. Sometimes flipping a mattress is a good idea, depending on what kind you own, but some mattresses are actually one-sided and shouldn’t be flipped. If you’re still concerned about keeping everything in good condition, you can try sleeping in different positions and places on your bed. Instead of flipping, try rotating instead, though you don’t need to do this monthly—every three months or so should do the trick. 

You Can Stop Tossing and Turning

You may think that tossing and turning is what’s keeping you up at night but it’s natural to toss from side to side during the night. No matter what kind of mattress you get, it’s unlikely you’re going to stop tossing and turning completely. That said, good bedding can help provide pressure point relief which makes you slip into deeper REM sleep, cutting down on how much you move during sleep.

Sleep Well With Mattress Peddlers

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