How to Best Care For Your New Mattress

New Mattress

Caring for a new mattress isn’t difficult, but you must know the right steps to take to do it effectively.

Have you recently purchased a new mattress? Great! You’re going to enjoy many nights of comfortable, restful sleep. As fantastic as a completely new mattress may be, you don’t want to forget the responsibilities that come with one either. Primarily, this just means taking care of your mattress and making sure it lasts for as long as it’s meant to. Below, we have a few tips for new mattress care so you can get the most out of your investment and get amazing sleep from here on out.

Keep Calm and Mattress On

Jumping up and down on a new springy mattress sure is fun, but it’s inadvisable as it can be a safety concern or cause issues with your mattresses’ longevity. Be sure any children in the home know that jumping on mattresses is unallowed. Over time, this can cause the coils and fibers of your bed to end up damaged and leave you with an uncomfortable sleeping experience.

Get to Rotating

Everyone knows that you’re supposed to flip a mattress every once in a while! Flipping and rotating are important parts of care, so if you have a mattress that can be flipped, you want to do it every two weeks for the first four months. You also want to rotate your mattress that often, especially if you have a mattress that isn’t intended to be flipped. Eventually, you’ll move to doing this once every three months.

Spreading Out Evenly

Many of us are creatures of habit and end up picking out our favorite spot on our bed. That can lead to us sitting there to put our shoes on just about every single day, which while comfy can end up making your mattress wear out unevenly. Take a seat on a chair while getting ready to preserve your mattress and try to lay on your mattress evenly.

A Clean Routine

A mattress protector may keep your new mattress cleaner than it otherwise would be, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to clean it at all. Whenever you change your sheets, sweep or even vacuum your mattress off to keep things nice and tidy.

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