How to Tell if a New Mattress is Right For You

New Mattress

In need of a new mattress? Be on the lookout for these signs that a mattress is right for you.

If you’re waking up feeling exhausted, in pain, and achy it might be a sign that you need a new mattress. When you have the right mattress for you, you’ll lay down at night feeling comfortable, fall asleep quickly, stay asleep and wake up refreshed. Loss of sleep due to a bad mattress can cause all kinds of problems for your health and body, and it is entirely unnecessary. If you’re ready to find a new mattress that’s perfect for you, start by checking out these essential tips.

Types of Mattresses

There are many different types of mattress available on the market, which is essential because almost everyone has a different sleeping preference. Depending on the position you sleep in, health factors, and more you’ll want a different kind of mattress. To help identify the best option for you, understanding the three most common types of mattress can help.

Memory Foam

As technology has developed memory foam has quickly become a favorite in the mattress industry. New versions include cooling technology that helps prevent them from becoming too hot, which was once a serious issue. Memory foam is an excellent option for those who like to sink into their mattress while having full support. If you usually suffer from pain during sleeping, memory foam may help eliminate your problems.


With its responsiveness and bounce, latex mattresses are an excellent option for anyone who sleeps hot. Latex foam is known for its cooling effects, and it provides a level of soft comfort that makes it softer than other options without the worry of sinking in too deep.


If you’re looking for a mattress with more than one feature a hybrid option may be best for you. Hybrids can be made from any mix of materials including latex and memory foam, coils, polyurethane foam and more. This is often an excellent option for couples as it offers the best of several mattress types.


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