How Much to Spend on a New Mattress

How Much to Spend on a New Mattress

We live in a time where there are more options than ever when it comes to getting a new mattress.

We live in a time where there are more options than ever when it comes to getting a new mattress. There are surprisingly good options all the way down to $200, but you can also find the highest-quality luxury mattresses for $200,000! Don’t be taken aback though, these days you can still find a high-quality mattress under $2,000 and the average cost of a foam queen mattress is under $1,500 these days.

There are a wide number of factors that can influence the total cost of a new mattress. This comes down to everything from materials and construction to where it’s made and its dimensions. Here’s a closer look at what may influence the cost of your new mattress.

Choosing a Size

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that a larger mattress requires more materials to make and ends up being more expensive to ship, and as a result, they end up costing more. The bigger your mattress, the more it’s going to cost. Even for the same model mattress, the cost between the largest and smallest size can add up to $1,000. The average price for a foam twin mattress is $979, where a queen is $1,451 and a king is $1,768.

Mattress Types

There are numerous unique kinds of mattresses out there now, so when shopping for a new mattress, you should familiarize yourself with each. Innerspring, latex, foam, hybrid—they each use unique materials and have a very different manufacturing process, resulting in different price points for each. Innerspring mattresses are more affordable, but also don’t offer as much comfort as foam mattresses do. 

Where You Shop

Over the past decade, we’ve seen huge growth in the online mattress industry. Nowadays, you can order a mattress online and get it delivered straight to your door, all packaged in a neatly compressed box so that it will expand once you open it. That sure does sound convenient and there are some savings to be had, however, retailers have adjusted their prices in turn and often have competitive sales. Shop around and compare the prices you’ll see online to what you see at your local mattress retailer.

Everything Else

A few other considerations to keep in mind: first, shipping is a factor if you’re going to purchase online, but many companies will cover shipping these days. Some companies even offer sleep trials. An additional perk you always want to think about is what kind of warranty your mattress offers, as that can be the difference between picking a more or less expensive mattress.


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