The Differences Between Foam and Spring Mattresses

The Differences Between Foam and Spring Mattresses

The decision between foam or spring mattresses comes down to what is most comfortable for your body and how you sleep.

On your neverending journey to a perfect night’s sleep, there are many different mattresses to try. Each have their own benefits, features and drawbacks. So, how can you choose the best one for you? Ultimately, the decision between foam or spring mattresses comes down to what is most comfortable for your body and how you sleep. 

What are The Different Types of Mattresses? 

The four most popular are innerspring, pocket-coil, hybrid, and memory foam mattresses. Innerspring mattresses have interconnected coils between two pillow-top or plush layers. Pocket-coil mattresses are similar to innerspring; however, the coils are not connected, so they don’t all move together. A foam mattress has many layers of different density foam, from a soft top layer to the more rigid support layer. A hybrid mattress is often the best of both worlds, with soft and memory foam layers supported with a spring-coil support layer. 

Memory Foam vs. Spring Mattresses 

How Do You Sleep? 

Foam mattresses tend to be softer and form around your body, which can be great for side and back sleepers. Spring mattresses tend to be firmer, meaning you’ll have a little extra support if you’re a belly sleeper. A spring mattress will also allow you to move a little more since you won’t sink into the bed for those of us who like to switch up positions at night. 

Who Do You Sleep With? 

 Do you sleep with your spouse or your pets? Spring mattresses have a high motion transfer, meaning that you’ll feel an active co-sleeper in your bed when you’re all lying together. So, if you’re a lighter sleeper and this kind of movement can disturb you through the night, a foam mattress may be a better investment for your sleep quality. 

However, foam mattresses also retain body heat, so sleeping with a partner may be warmer than on a spring mattress. Since springs have air between them and are generally less dense, spring mattresses don’t have issues keeping cool. 

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