The Best Pillows to Pair With a New Mattress

The Best Pillows to Pair With a New Mattress

You may not realize it but pillows can be an essential part of supporting you during sleep.

Whenever you get a new mattress, you’re suddenly hit with a wave of wanting to upgrade your whole sleeping experience. A mattress can completely change the way you sleep, so what about all the accessories? 

None are as important as pillows, which are an incredibly important part of how we all sleep. You may not realize it but pillows can be an essential part of supporting you during sleep, keeping your spine aligned and preventing you from waking up in pain. Here’s what to look for if you’re trying to find new pillows to go with your new mattress.

Latex Foam

If you’re a warm sleeper, you may want to look into a latex foam pillow. It’s much more breathable and helps react to your conditions, so you can stay nice and cool while sleeping. These kinds of pillows also have the benefit of contouring support similar to what a memory foam pillow might offer. They react to your movement as well, making for much more comfortable nights for anyone who tends to toss and turn. If you have trouble sleeping, a low loft latex foam pillow may be right for you.

Memory Foam

If seeking a gentle contour that can help embrace your head and neck’s curves, you may want to look at memory foam pillows. These are great for spinal alignment, though they tend to sleep warmer than low loft latex foam. If you think memory foam pillows are comfortable but generally sleep hot or wake up in a sweat, you may want to look at options with cooling gels that can help maintain the right temperature throughout the night.

Shredded Foam

If you’re a stomach sleeper, removing some of the stuffing from shredded foam pillows and using those can be a fantastic option. Your typical high-quality shredded foam pillow is going to be overstuffed when you get it with the intent of letting users remove however much they need for a customized sleeping experience. For a stomach sleeper, you can remove up to half of the foam from a shredded foam pillow and you’ll find it’s much more comfortable to sleep with.

Down and Alternatives

Down and similar pillows are made using soft fibers, similar to those found in the skin of a goose, duck, or swan, and sometimes blended with feathers as well. Ethically sourced down pillows are available if that’s a concern. These are very traditional pillows so you’re likely already familiar with how it feels to sleep on one.

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