Choosing the Ideal Pillow For Your Mattress

Choosing the Ideal Pillow For Your Mattress

Worn-out pillows lead to lackluster sleep and if that’s the case for you, it’s time to start thinking about an upgrade.

People tend to hold onto their pillows. Many of us will keep using the same ones for years, even when they lose their comfort and better options are readily available. We think of our mattresses as being a luxurious expense justified by how often we sleep, but our pillows are an equally important part of the equation. 

Worn-out pillows lead to lackluster sleep and if that’s the case for you, it’s time to start thinking about an upgrade. However, it’s important that you choose one that is right for you. Here’s what you should think about when looking for a new pillow.

Fill Options

There are a lot of options here. Traditional down pillows are light and soft due to their use of goose or duck fibers, though there are concerns about allergic reactions particularly due to low-quality down fillings. Hypo-allergenic options are available, though they will be more expensive as a result of the rigorous cleaning they require. If allergies are a concern, look at synthetic down options, which are inexpensive but may require more frequent replacing.

Wool pillows are naturally hypo-allergenic. They also keep moisture away, helping prevent mold and regulating your temperature at night. Wool pillows are firmer than other options, though if you want a less firm wool pillow, look for alpaca wool. Cotton offers many of the same benefits and cotton pillows are usually flatter, firmer options. 

Finally, memory foam is an option. They’re popular for a reason—they respond to your head shape, weight, and body heat, resulting in a comfortable experience for many different kinds of sleepers. Memory foam pillows can run warm though, so look for modern ventilation technology. 

Pillow Size

A standard-sized pillow is going to be the right fit for the vast majority of people. That said, some people do prefer larger pillows. It’s important that whatever size you go with, you sleep with your neck, head, and shoulders aligned with your spine. You also want to ensure that whatever pillowcase you use actually fits your pillow. 

If you suffer from sleeping discomfort, you may want to look at some of the specialty shapes that are offered. Cervical or contour pillows can help with neck and pain or offer support and stability that you’ve never felt before.

Sleeping Position

Your sleeping position could impact what kind of pillow is right for you. Here are some quick guidelines:


  • Side sleepers benefit from firmer, thicker pillows. If it’s about as thick as the distance between your ear and outside shoulder, you’re all set.
  • Stomach sleepers can benefit from softer pillows. You may not even need one underneath your head, instead benefitting from placing it beneath your stomach or pelvis.
  • Back sleepers often use soft, flat pillows that keep their head and neck aligned for maximum comfort.



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