How to Deal with Mattress Mold

How to Deal with Mattress Mold

If you’re exposed to mattress mold, it could cause allergies and disturbed sleep.

Mattress mold is a nasty fungus that thrives in humid environments and feeds on any dead skin cells. It can reproduce in the form of lightweight spores that can travel through the air. Typically, they are harmless, but when they’re settled on a damp surface, they’re able to multiply rapidly, destroying it. Mold is usually yellow, brown, green, or purple in color. It could grow anywhere from damp walls to mattresses to carpets. That being said, mold is something that can happen to you, whether you’ve got an organic or synthetic mattress. If you’re exposed to mattress mold, it could cause allergies and disturbed sleep. Read on to learn how to deal with mattress mold!

Vacuum the Mattress

Use some type of vacuum cleaner on both sides of the mattress to pull out dirt, mold, and gunk. Also, immediately wipe down the vacuum cleaner to get rid of all the spores so that they do not spread into your room and contaminate other items.

Prepare a Cleaning Mix

Mix around equal parts of rubbing alcohol and warm water to help treat the affected areas. Dip a cleaned towel and ring it out to help dampen the mold-stained spot. Scrub your mattress in a circular motion with a bit of force to penetrate a bit deeper into the mattress.

Blot the Areas

Wipe down the area using a clean damp towel. Then rinse using warm water and a tightly-wrung-out cloth to prevent adding any more moisture. Otherwise, it might lead to more mold forming.

Use Disinfectants

Spray disinfectant all over the mattress to kill germs and bacteria. Before you use any disinfectant solution, check the labels on the mattress. It will help to ensure that the solution is suitable for your mattress and the material.

Ventilate the Mattress

Once you’ve thoroughly cleaned the mattress, place it in a highly ventilated spot to dry off any leftover moisture. Exposing it to any sunlight will help you in getting rid of the germs and speed up the drying process. It will also stop the growth of any mold as sunlight effectively kills mold spores too.

Use a Dehumidifier and Air Purifier

A damp environment can help mold grow. So, you should try to control the humidity levels of your bedroom to prevent a mold infestation. Using a dehumidifier lets you keep the humidity between 40 and 50 percent for maximum health and germ control. Air purifiers can also improve the quality of the indoor environment. They help circulate air and filter out the dirt, spores, and dander from the surroundings.


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