How to Choose Between a Firm and Soft Mattress

How to Choose Between a Firm and Soft Mattress

Have you ever wondered which is better for you: a firm or soft mattress?

You might not have thought about this question a lot, but it is an important one to have an answer to. Which is better for you personally: a firm or soft mattress? It may sound like a simple question to answer right off the bat. If you want a more soft surface, you get a soft mattress. If you want something with a bit more support, you roll with a firm mattress. The issue is what you think you want and what your body really needs in order for you to get the best night’s sleep can usually be two totally different things. Read on to learn how to decide between a firm and a soft mattress!

Advantages of a Firm Mattress  

A firm mattress provides extra support for everyone who needs it. If you suffer from serious hip or back pain, the issue might be that your mattress is probably too soft, or it has gotten older and the support you had at one time is no longer there. A lot of firm or soft mattresses could be used with an adjustable base, and there are a few that feature some groundbreaking technology. There are mattresses that can raise your head as you sleep and some that are totally adjustable.

Advantages of a Soft Mattress

A soft mattress can feel like a dream come true for those who do not usually need as much back or joint support. There is nothing like falling asleep on something that feels like a soft, fluffy cloud every night. Soft mattresses, especially any memory foam mattresses, contour to the normal curves of your body. A softer mattress could cradle you to an excellent night’s sleep.

Soft Vs. Firm Mattress: Determining Which You Need

Personal preference plays a very large role in which mattresses you will purchase, but that is just one small piece of the puzzle. While picking between a soft or firm mattress, you have to take into consideration things like your weight, height, and sleeping position. Although you could wake up in a weird position throughout the night, usually a person sleeps in one of three different positions, their side, stomach, or back. Everyone is different, therefore, the mattress firmness they need is also very unique. What works best someone might be terrible for another. That is why you should come into Mattress Peddlers today to try out each kind of mattress in person so you can get a good feel for what you need!


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