Buying Mattresses In-Store vs. Online

Buying Mattresses In-Store vs. Online

It’s pertinent that you take the steps to get a mattress that suits you.

Purchasing mattresses is a process that should be very personal and involved. Finding the right match for you means countless nights of good (or if you choose poorly, bad) sleep—so it’s pertinent that you take the steps to get a mattress that suits you. There is a lot of temptation these days to simply purchase your mattress online, though we have a word of caution about that as we often see customers who are unhappy with their choices. Testing mattresses out beforehand is an important part of finding you the best sleeping experience, but let’s take a look at what differences there are in in-store vs. online mattress shopping. 

What to Look For in Mattresses

Like most industries, the bedding world is full of all kinds of specific terms like adjustable bases or pillow tops that you may not be familiar with. On top of that, brands use these terms differently, so it’s hard to tell what you’re actually getting from an online description. That’s why the experience of laying on a bed in person can be so critical, as you can actually feel those features instead of just reading about them. Understanding what mattresses actually offer you is important when purchasing a new mattress is such a big investment.

Determining Quality

Through a screen, many of the mattresses out there may look similar, making it difficult to know the quality of the construction like the coils or what materials were used. While relying on reputable brands makes this easier to navigate, there is still an undeniable benefit to being able to test a mattress out yourself. You’ll also be able to work with an expert salesperson who can help you understand the ins and outs of mattresses and what makes one higher quality than other options out there.

How Sizes Differ

If you haven’t personally slept on a variety of mattress sizes, it can be difficult to imagine just how large a bed is going to be. You may think a queen mattress will be the perfect fit for you, only to order one online and realize it’s far too big for your space. By shopping in person, you can better visualize how your new mattress is going to fit into your home.

Endless Possibilities

To make things “easy” on consumers, many online mattress companies only have a few options. However, everyone is different and a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work when it comes to your sleeping preferences. If you find that there are limited options when looking online, you may want to get into a store and have a more personalized experience.


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