Helpful Tips for Picking the Right Pregnancy Mattress

Helpful Tips for Picking the Right Pregnancy Mattress

Sleep can usually be a serious struggle for pregnant women, and it becomes an even bigger issue after the baby is born.

Sleep can usually be a serious struggle for pregnant women, and it becomes an even bigger issue after the baby is born. However, even before your child comes out to the world, you should do your very best to ensure that you get enough sleep. Not only will this give you enough rest, but it will also have a positive repercussion on your health and that of your children too. There are a few ways to regulate your sleep while you are pregnant, one of which is to pay close attention to the kind of mattress you use. A few types of mattresses could help you rise above sleep challenges while pregnant. Read on for a couple of handy tips for picking the right pregnancy mattress!

Foam Mattress Designs for the Spine

The first thing for you to strongly consider is that you get a foam designed mattress that supports your spine correctly. If you usually toss and turn when you’re asleep, then you need a foam mattress badly. All the more, it is a bit of a requirement if you’re pregnant. The good news is that a lot of mattresses are designed to provide excellent support for your spine. Look for one that will relieve pressure on your shoulders and hips while aligning your spine. Ensure that you give your spine the necessary support it needs by opting for all-foam pregnancy mattress designs.

Foam and Latex is a Nice Combination 

Did you know that foam and latex make an excellent combination? The soft and smooth surface of a foam or latex mattress will help any pregnant woman shift over to their sides. This aspect is vital because a lot of physicians advise women to sleep right on their sides to stay comfortable all throughout the night. Know that poly-foam and latex are typically more responsive than memory foam mattresses. Both foam and latex mattresses are great for women to stay in the proper position as they progress throughout their nine-month journey.

Cooling Layers for Hot Sleepers

Another consideration is to buy a pregnancy mattress with a cooling layer. This is because pregnant women feel much warmer than usual due to their hormonal imbalance. Opt for a mattress with a specific top layer of breathable foam and buy one that is finished off with a cool fabric tech layer on the very top. Having a mattress with cooling features will help you stay cool throughout your entire pregnancy.

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