Questions to Ask When Looking for a Guest Bedroom Mattress

Questions to Ask When Looking for a Guest Bedroom Mattress

Picking the right bedroom mattress for your guest room will leave an excellent first impression.

Whether you’re preparing your guest bedroom for a special visitor or giving the extra room a much-needed decorating refresh, Mattress Peddlers is here to ensure you do not go over your budget while still making the very most of your guest’s space. Picking the right bedroom mattress for your guestroom will leave an excellent first impression, so it is crucial to pick one that is very comfortable for most people. Read on for a few key questions to keep in mind, as well as a few guest bedroom ideas to get you started when setting up the guest bedroom in your house!

Who Will Use This Guestroom Mattress?

Keep in mind who it is that will be using this mattress. Is it a combination of various friends or relatives, or will it be the same person for the majority of times it’s being used? If there are close family or friends, then ask them what their sleeping preferences are. Create a list if you would like, and from here you will be able to narrow your choices down for potential new mattresses.

How Long Will the Guests Use the Mattress?

Consider the length of your guest’s trips. Like parents who are retired and come down to visit their grandkids, a few guests may stay for a week or more multiple times a year. People in other stages of their lives may find that their guests are typically only in town for an extended weekend once or twice a year. Keep all of this in mind as well while looking for a guest bedroom mattress.

How Else is the Guest Bedroom Being Used?

Think hard about how else your guest bedroom is being used all throughout the year. Do you or your spouse ever use it when you are sick or snoring? Do your kids use the space for sleepovers or homework? Is it also a part-time home office space? It may be worth investing in a higher quality mattress if it is regularly being used by other members of your family.

How Big is Your Guest Bedroom?

What guest room bed size you pick will depend a lot on the size of your bedroom itself and what else you use in the room for when your visitors are not in town. If the room is small, a full-sized guest be may have to suffice, even if it is a little less roomy than some couples are used to.

How Old is Your Current Guest Bedroom Mattress?

It is important to replace any mattress every eight years. While a guest room bed might not experience as much wear and tear, it will still disappoint your guests if it is not taken care of properly. So if your mattress and pillows are getting old, strongly consider a replacement.


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