Crucial Factors to Consider When Purchasing New Bed Sheets

Crucial Factors to Consider When Purchasing New Bed Sheets

The quality of your bed sheets will influence the quality of your sleep a lot more than you might think.

Buying brand new bed sheets might seem like a boring decision, but the quality of your sheets will influence the quality of your sleep a lot more than you might think. When purchasing a new sheet set for your bed, there is a lot to consider. You, of course, have to strongly consider the cost, sizing, your desired pattern or color, and material. But aside from aesthetics and logistics, you could also compare your options based on a lot of different qualities. Read on to learn about a few crucial factors to consider while purchasing some new bed sheets!

Texture, Friction, and Feel

A lot of people can’t fall asleep without a bed sheet or blanket, even during the hottest nights of the year. It is hard to explain why, but the touch and weight of the sheets on your skin feel so good and help you wind down. Depending on your preferences and the temperature you live in, you will likely seek out sheets that feel smooth and soft, like silk or fleece. Either way, you will want to avoid any materials with rough textures and stiff feelings. Even if you decide to order sheets online, you might want to head into a store that sells mattresses to get a feel for the most common types of bed sheet materials.

Thread Count and Construction

How your fabric is made contributes to the bed sheet’s weight, eel, temperature regulating capabilities, and durability – which are all crucial factors covered. Unless you do notable work with textiles consistently, you do not need to know a lot about how manufacturers turn raw materials into familiar fabrics for sheets.

Weight and Thickness

A lot of people prefer heavier, cozy bedding during the winter and lightweight bedding during the warm summer months. If you live in a much chillier climate but do not like thicker sheets, you can always decide to buy standard bed sheets paired alongside a heftier comforter. If you typically feel frozen at night and need optimal warmth, you could double down with thicker sheets created with a heavy material like fleece or flannel.


Breathable factors have enough space in between threads for air to flow in and out. If bed sheets are woven too tight, the fabric will prevent circulation, keeping the air under your covers dry, cool, and fresh. Breathable sheets allow the extra heat created by your body’s temperature to escape, which means you won’t sweat all throughout the night.


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