How to Detect the Early Signs of Bed Bugs

How to Detect the Early Signs of Bed Bugs

Whether you’re living at home or in an apartment with roommates, there isn’t anything worse than realizing you could have bed bugs.

Whether you’re living at home or in an apartment with roommates, there isn’t anything worse than realizing you could have bed bugs. If confirmed, removing the real infestation can be a long and annoying process. That is why we’ve compiled a guide on how to detect the early signs of bed bugs in your house. We’ll go over the early signs, what to look out for, how to get rid of them, and more. Read on to learn how to detect the earliest signs of bed bugs and how to remove them from your mattress!

Bed Bugs on Skin

Bed bugs have to eat, and unfortunately, their main course could be you. Bed bugs will turn into tiny, sometimes itchy, red welts on the skin. Now, many insects can bite you at night, but one top indicator that a bed bug has nibbled you is if there are three or four welts in a row. Different people will react differently to bugs, though. Some might not even notice welts, while others will find them very itchy. Some serious reactions to bed bug bites are hives or allergic reactions. Regardless, the bugs are a key sign to look out for.

Dark Specks on the Bed Sheets

A bed bug infestation that has been occurring for a while will usually appear in the form of brown, black, reddish-brown, or just regular dark spots on your sheets or mattress. These spots will appear as the infestation starts to grow. They are the result of droppings and other crushed bugs. You may find these spots in a large cluster if the infestation is new or more spread out if the infestation has been occuring for a long time.

Musty Smell Around the Mattress

If you start to notice a musty, strange smell around your mattress without any actual origin, you may have a bed bug issue. As bed bugs settle in, they will start to emit their pheromones. This smell can vary, with people reporting all different experiences, and it is reported to smell sweet sometimes. As the bed bug infestation grows, pheromones mix with the scent of crushed bugs and their own fecal excrement, and the smell will start to become unpleasant. However, the odor could be the least dependable among all of these early signs. Fully investigate the sleep environment before assuming this scent is from a bed bug infestation.

Finding a Bed Bug

Unfortunately, the only real confirmation of a true bed bug infestation is seeing live and adult bed bugs or their casings. Their casings will vary in size as the bugs grow older. Live bed bugs are brown and small and usually look like the shape of an apple seed. If you have bed bugs on your mattress, then do not hesitate to come into Mattress Peddlers to purchase a new bed!


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