Making an Air Mattress More Comfortable

Making an Air Mattress More Comfortable

An air mattress can be quite useful in many situations.

You never know what circumstances might call for an air mattress. Whether it’s hosting the occasional extra guest or moving into a new space and not having immediate access to your bedding the first night, an air mattress can be quite useful. However, air mattresses can also be uncomfortable, negatively impact your sleep, and even take a toll on your body—especially if you plan to spend more than one night on one.

Thankfully, there are some solutions for making air mattresses more comfortable. These tips will apply regardless of whether you’re sleeping on an air mattress for just one night or for an extended stay. Here are some tips to make air mattresses feel luxurious and comfy!

Getting Proper Air Levels

The first step to comfort on an air mattress is to ensure that it is properly inflated. Too much and it will feel stiff, too little and you won’t get enough support. Test a few inflation levels to find the sweet spot that works for you! If you like a more firm mattress normally, you’ll likely enjoy a more-inflated air mattress.

Take the time to check for holes before you settle down also. Inflate your mattress as much as you can without it popping and then check the valve to see if air hisses out. This is a common problem area for air leaks. After that’s checked out, start pushing into the mattress to see if you can cause any hissing. Seams are a good place to check first.

Use Softer Surfaces

Try placing your air mattress on top of a softer surface. So instead of something like a hard wood floor or tiles, move it onto a carpet or even a spare yoga mat if you have one laying around. This helps prevent sliding or squeaking, which can make your air mattress feel a little closer to home and makes it a much more enjoyable experience if you’re sharing an air mattress.

Create a Better Base

Throwing a rug under an air mattress can help but if you want an even more enjoyable experience, try putting it on top of a box spring or cot. This can help make getting in and out of bed more comfortable, which is a necessity if you’re going to sleep on an air mattress for an extended period of time.

Upgraded Bedding

Making your experience on air mattresses feel a little closer to what you’re used to can go a long way. That means adding a proper fitted sheet, a nice fluffy pillow, and a comforter that gives you all the comfort you could ask for. 


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