How Seasonal Affective Disorder Affects Your Sleeping Pattern

How Seasonal Affective Disorder Affects Your Sleeping Pattern

As the seasons change, some people might feel less productive, while others will experience major changes to their sleeping pattern.

The weather is getting colder, and the days are getting shorter, which means that millions of Americans that deal with seasonal affective disorder (SAD) are starting to experience symptoms. Seasonal affective disorder has a number of far-reaching effects, and everyone reacts differently. Some people might feel less productive, while others will experience major changes to their sleeping pattern. How can seasonal affective disorder affect you?

The Link Between SAD and Your Sleeping Pattern

Waking up to the bright summer sun is motivating for many people to get out of bed, but it can be hard to greet the day when it is cloudy, gray, or dark outside in the winter. A lack of motivation can decrease mood, and less access to sunlight can also decrease levels of vitamin D and harm your health.

Those with seasonal affective disorder can also experience sleeping pattern changes due to their feelings of depression and exhaustion. Things like depression can have a link to the amount of sleep that you get, and a lack of sleep can exacerbate symptoms further, which creates a vicious cycle. Some studies have found that adults with seasonal affective disorder sleep almost 2 hours more in the winter months then they do in the summer, which shows how your sleep may be impacted in either direction. 

How Can You Handle SAD and Sleeping Issues?

If you are having trouble falling asleep, there are many different ways to tackle the problem. One way is checking out your mattress. Many people are sleeping on old mattresses that have not been properly maintained. When your mattress is uncomfortable or not providing you with the level of support that you need, it will be even more challenging to get a good night of rest and avoid changes to your sleeping pattern.

Additionally, many people with seasonal affective disorder use light boxes. These specialized tools are designed to mimic ultraviolet rays that you would get from natural sunlight. These lights can be used throughout the day, or you can purchase a special alarm clock that will simulate dawn and slowly get brighter as you wake up.


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