How to Stop Feathers from Leaving Your Pillows

How to Stop Feathers from Leaving Your Pillows

Despite their luxe appeal, feathers do still tend to fly out of the pillows occasionally.

There is no denying that feathers flying out of your pillows can be annoying to clean up — particularly over time. In fact, feather pillows tend to be considered the more superior pillow type — when compared to other types. The reality is, despite their luxe appeal, they do still tend to fly out of the pillows occasionally. Ultimately, there are always a few key things you can do to curb that frustration and keep your feathers actually inside your pillows even after a lot of usage. Here are a few excellent ways you can finally put an end to your feathers from leaving your pillows once and for all.

Using A Pillow Protector

For the most part, you can effectively and efficiently stop feathers from leaking out of the pillows in your home, investing in pillow protectors can really be a game-changer. In fact, using a good quality pillow protector is a wonderful way to hold all the feathers inside your pillows when you need them most. The reality is, having a pillow protector is not a waste of time — it’s a great way to cover your pillow and protect those darn feathers. Ultimately, unlike the regular pillow covers you think about, pillow protectors are designed with a specific fabric technology that typically provides a lot more health along with comfort benefits. 

Properly Taking Care Of Your Feather Pillow

WHen you purchase a feather-filled pillow, it’s imperative that you consider the importance of properly caring for it. In fact, while the tag might alert you that it’s totally fine to place your feather filled pillow in the washing machine, you might be doing more harm than good when you do so. The reality is, whenever you wash a pillow, it will typically look and feel just like it did the first day you brought it home. Ultimately, being mindful about properly caring for your feather pillow will allow it to last a lot longer than expected.

Fluffing Your Feather Pillow

Don’t underestimate the power of the fluff. In fact, fluffing a feather pillow is increasingly important. The reality is, by fluffing the pillow, you end up putting all those feathers that might have wanted to escape back into place — saving them from leaving the pillow itself. Ultimately, you can always fluff your feather pillow in the dryer — just be careful to dry them alongside two tennis balls to really save the integrity of the feather pillow overall and extend the lifespan of your feather pillow for years to come. 


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