King-Size vs. Queen-Size Mattresses

King-Size vs. Queen-Size Mattresses

Do you know about the differences between a king-size and queen-sized mattress?

Since sleep is one of the cornerstones of healthful living, it’s by no means hyperbolic to think of your mattress as a major life investment. As such, when you’re on the mattress market, there are any number of considerations well deserving, …y’know, consideration.

Size surely looms at the forefront of these. Say you’re certain you want either a king- or a queen-size mattress; exactly what criteria will help make the final determination? While it may seem like a pretty straightforward decision, it’d nonetheless behoove you in the long term to acquaint yourself with some mattress-size miscellany to keep in mind prior to any purchase.

Read along below as we distinguish the roles of Queen and King in the glorious and storied Realm of Mattresses.

Your Bedroom Space

Having precise knowledge of your bedroom’s dimensions is certainly a pretty savvy starting point in the mattress-size selection process. So, be sure to measure the area—factoring in any existing furniture (etc.) to the best of your abilities—so that you’ll know well ahead of time whether a queen or king mattress will fit best. A queen mattress measures 60 by 80 inches, while a king mattress stretches to whopping 76 inches by 80 inches. By visualizing these dimensions using a handy-dandy measuring tape, you’ll be equipped for an informed decision that complements your room’s layout—and ensures you’ll actually have room left in the room when your new mattress has joined the (slumber) party.

Monetary Matters

Your budget’s a key player in this decision-making process, too. Generally, king mattresses come with higher price tags than their queenly counterparts. If applicable, it’s essential to have an open conversation with your partner about financial constraints/how much you’re “okay with” spending. If you’re uncertain about the budget range, do a little online research or, by all means, reach out to your local mattress professionals.

Your Personal Space

Of course, your sleep habits and comfort preferences have enormous bearing on determination of the right mattress-size choice. If you and (-again, if applicable!:) your partner tend to sprawl out during sleep, well golly, a king mattress might be the answer. While queen mattresses can indeed provide ample space for two, going with king-size offers the freedom to move around without intruding on each other’s personal space. Discuss your sleep styles and preferences openly to find the size that accommodates both your needs.

Future Considerations

Alas, we’re none of us soothsayers (-no offense to any professional psychics out there), but considering potential changes is of course within the realm of possibility—and a wise course of action here. For instance: Are pets or children potentially in the cards? If so, it’s safe to say that’d be a fairly important factor to weigh in. A king-size mattress provides bountiful space for visitors, expected or otherwise… -Not to mention restless sleepers. In any case, the crux here is to run through as many possible-to-probable changes on the ol’ life horizon. Whether expanding your family or downsizing your domicile sitch, take care to ensure your mattress-to-be is in alignment with the anticipable demands or changes this will bring about.

Collaborative Decision-Making

[-I’ll spare the “if applicable” this time (kinda?).] If you and your partner find yourselves at an “imperial” impasse in the king/queen convo, don’t let this escalate into an outright lovers’ quarrel; no one gets a great night’s sleep on the couch, after all… Craft a list of pros and cons for both king and queen mattresses, and have yourself an open, in-depth discussion with your partner. Transparency about your individual needs/preferences (along with reciprocal consideration of your mattress mate’s!) is the best way to reach the sort of compromise that doesn’t feel like one. And, “rest” assured, my lieges: this’ll lead to optimally restorative sleep for both of you!


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