What to Look For in a Mattress If You Have Chronic Back Pain


Got chronic back pain? Your mattress could be the culprit.

The wrong kind of mattresses can have pretty catastrophic results for your health. When you lack good support from your mattress, you’ll realize that you’re developing poor sleeping posture and straining your muscles far more than you normally would. Lower back pain will start to become a daily problem in your life. Let’s take a look at how you should shop for a mattress if you’re a sufferer of chronic back pain.

Personal Preference is King

At the end of the day, it’s all up to you. There just isn’t one single kind of mattress style or type that is effective for everyone who suffers from lower back pain. If your mattress is helping you get good sleep at night and you’re not suffering from back pain or stiffness, then that’s the right bedding option for you. Try out as many mattresses as you can before settling on one because it’s really all up to you.

Understand the Components

Understanding how your bed actually works can help you make an informed decision in what to buy. The coils or inner springs of a bed are what offer support. Every different kind of mattress differs in how many coils they may have or even how they’re arranged. It’s also the case that every bed comes with different padding on the top that will impact how you sleep. The depth of a mattress ranges anywhere from 6 to 18 inches deep, with the more shallow mattresses typically being much more inexpensive and usually used for children or beds that won’t be used often. Understanding what elements play a part in your comfort can make a big difference when choosing your bed.

Seeking Back Support

Your bedding should naturally support your curves and spine alignment. This will prevent muscle soreness and offer you quality back support so you can get a good night of sleep. There isn’t a ton of clinical data out there about what mattresses work best for this, but typically, medium-firm mattresses are considered to give more back relief than completely firm mattresses.

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