Top 5 Signs You Need a New Mattress

New Mattress

You may not even realize you need a new mattress until you read these 5 signs.

Mattresses are a big investment so it can be hard to really convince yourself it’s time to go purchase a new one. After all, is your sleep really that dramatically impacted by your old bed? Some of us stick by our old sleeping habits and hold onto beds for longer than we really ought to, but if you think your bed is nearing the end of its lifespan, here are the top 5 signs that you may need a new mattress.

1. Sagging

The easiest way to tell a mattress needs to be replaced is obvious sagging. Unlike other signs of a mattress needing to be replaced, this tell-tale indicator is true to all kinds of mattresses. Springs will break down over time, memory foam gets softer, and fibers in other materials start to compress–all of which can lead to a sagging mattress.

2. Taking Age Into Account

Your mattress may not feel like it’s underperforming, but if it’s older than seven years old, it could be time to replace it. Typically a mattress will only last 7-10 years, but even though you may not be feeling the pains of an old mattress, it could just be that you’ve grown accustomed to a poor sleeping experience and need a new mattress.

3. Lumps Ahoy!

Padding within mattresses can start shifting around over time, causing lumps to form. Uneven density like this means you aren’t getting the support you need. These kinds of issues are more common and apparent in low-quality mattresses, but even a high-end one could develop lumps.

4. Developing Pains

If you’ve realized your body is feeling sore after you wake up in the morning, this is your body’s way of saying “it’s time to get a new bed!” Sleeping is meant to be the time where your body is able to recover from intense gym sessions or too much sitting down, so if you aren’t getting the proper sleep, you should look at your mattress as a potential culprit and consider purchasing a new mattress.

5. Not Sleeping

If you find yourself unable to sleep and are up all night, you’re probably going to need to swap out your mattress. There are plenty of reasons you may not be sleeping but a poor mattress is one of the most common.

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