What Habits Lead to Healthy Sleeping?

Healthy Sleeping

Healthy sleeping is a challenge for many of us, but there are a few habits you can develop to aid you.

Whether you just paid a visit to the doctor, you finally searched on the internet to see how much sleep adults should be getting, or you are simply tired of being tired, you’re probably aware that sleep is important. Unfortunately, getting sleep isn’t as easy as lying down in bed for many Americans. Achieving the ideal 7-9 hours of healthy sleeping can seem like an impossible dream, but there are many simple habits that you can put in place to lead to healthier sleeping.

Spend Time Outside

Natural light has been regulating when our bodies want to wake up and go to sleep for centuries. Exposure to the sun tells our hormones what to do, our temperature to rise or fall, and our body whether or not we are ready for bed. Make an effort to get outside during the day during lunch or for a walk after work. The increase in sunlight will help your body to feel sleepier and set you up for success once you get into bed. Always turn off the blue light that cell phones, televisions, and computers emit at least an hour before you are planning to get some healthy sleeping, or you will undo what the sunlight did.

Take the Time to Exercise

Why do children get so sleepy at the end of the day? Because their huge amounts of physical activity finally catch up with them. Exercise doesn’t just help adults to maintain a healthy weight and blow off some stress; it also helps your body to get tired. Many research studies have shown that people who exercise during the day sleep better than those who don’t. Take half an hour out of your day to exercise, and you’ll notice an immediate difference in your sleeping pattern.

Consistency is Key

Many of the people who have healthy sleeping patterns have one thing in common—they are incredibly consistent. Whether they are having a good day or bad day, on vacation or at home, they will always have the same bedtime routine. Develop a short bedtime routine for yourself and practice completing it 30 minutes before you need to sleep. Your body will start to anticipate this schedule and be ready for sleep more consistently as well.

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