Dangerous Mattress Myths to Avoid


These mattress myths could prevent you from getting a good night of sleep.

Finding the right mattress can be extremely time consuming let alone frustrating. With mattresses flooding the market with so many choices to pick from and so much conflicting information, it can be quite easy to be rushed into a quick purchase and end up eventually regretting your decision. The importance of a good night’s sleep is vital, so take everything into account and weigh up your pros and cons before your final decision. To help eliminate some of this conflicting information, we are going to expose some of the most common bedding myths.

Common Misconceptions

Many might believe the higher the price tag, the higher the quality of the product. However, the price tag does not always reflect the quality of the materials used. When picking out a mattress you should look at comfort and support as well as quality. Also, there are varying bedding technologies that are available at every price point. Make sure that you keep your budget in mind when out looking for mattresses. Some may be tempted to just flip over their mattress once wear and tear has occurred, believing that they have a quick, ready-made solution. However, most bed designs are one-sided.  This is especially true for mattresses that have foam in them. Which means you should never flip it over. Instead, you should rotate your new mattress once a month for the first 6 months and then four times a year after that.

Firm Mattress for a Firm Back?

Another common, potentially dangerous myth, debunked. Despite hard beds having been previously recommended to patients with back pain in the lower back area, more recently medium-firm mattresses are thought to be more appropriate for people dealing with this type of health issue. Those hindered should opt for a medium firm foam mattress as it cradles the body’s curves while being firm enough to support the back’s muscular and bony structures.

Sleep Well with Mattress Peddlers

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