What Should Seniors Look for In a Brand New Mattress

What Should Seniors Look for In a Brand New Mattress

As we get older, we have different needs for sleep, and finding a brand new mattress can make a serious difference.

Everyone wants to find a mattress that helps provide support, relief, and improved restorative sleep. However, finding the right mattress is especially hard for any seniors aged 65 or older. As we get older, we have different needs for sleep, and finding a brand new mattress can make a serious difference in how well we wake up and how rested we might be. When looking for a new mattress as a senior, you should pay a lot of attention to a couple of different factors. Consider the following aspects as you look for a brand new mattress.

Relief from Pressure

A few areas of your body become much more sensitive the older you get. Seniors might require more pressure relief from mattresses so those problem spots do not become pinched and inflamed. A new mattress tailored to you will eliminate any of these pressure problems you might be facing.

Correct Spine Support

Whether you’re currently experiencing back pain or wish to avoid it, how you sleep at night can make a profound difference. When searching for a new mattress, take note of your weight, sleeping position, and other daily habits. These factors will all help you make an educated decision and find a mattress that helps promote spinal alignment. Ask the folks at Mattress Peddlers which type of mattress will suit you best too!

Unbelievable Edge Support

If you tend to sleep around the edge of your bed, lousy edge support can be very irritating. When you are trying out a new bed, you’ll want to make sure you can stretch out across your entire bed. Reinforced edge support will allow you to take advantage of your entire mattress.

Height of Your Mattress

For senior citizens with limited mobility, getting in and out of your bed might be a challenge. When considering bed height, look for one that will not require you to step up too high or stoop down way too low.


For anybody who has concerns about sleeping in the heat, breathability is a critical factor. A breathable mattress has technology that encourages airflow that cools down the sleeper.

Mattress Accessories

To optimize your sleep to the fullest, you might consider adding a few different accessories. A knee wedge pillow can allow for much more extra support of your spine to avoid aches while sleeping.


How firm a mattress feels to you will depend on your body’s weight, type, and sleeping position. If you’ve got aches in your back, shoulders, and hips, a softer mattress will be the better option.


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