The Best Ways to Fix Mattress Indentations and Sagging

The Best Ways to Fix Mattress Indentations and Sagging

What should you do if you’ve noticed mattress indentations or sagging?

What should you do if you’ve noticed your mattress has started to sag? Depending on the severity, it could be time for a brand new mattress. However, with a bit of minor sagging, you might still get a couple of good years of use with these handy tricks and tips. At the very least, you will be more comfortable while you wait for a replacement from Mattress Peddlers to arrive. Read on for a couple of the best ways to fix mattress indentations and sagging!

Try Rotating Your Mattress to Avoid Mattress Indentations

If you do not rotate your mattress on a regular basis, which is about once every six months, you definitely should. It is a simple way to prevent mattress indentations from forming around any pressure points. That being said, if you have never rotated your mattress before, the opposite end of your bed likely has not sagged. Just rotate the bed 180 degrees for a brand new start.

Add Mattress Toppers to Avoid Mattress Indentations

Using a mattress topper is a solution for both a sagging mattress and a way to prevent indentation in the first place. Adding a topper or a pad to any kind of mattress creates an even surface, provides plenty of extra support, and can extend the lifespan of your mattress overall. It is also a chance to add material cooling properties, contouring, and improved pressure relief than your original mattress. Mattress add-ons cost only a small fraction of the cost of a brand new bed and easily attach to your existing mattress with some elastic bands in each corner.

Vacuum Your Mattress to Help Redistribute Filling

How do you fix a very lumpy mattress? If it has a pillow top, then you are in luck! To redistribute the overall filling and smooth out the top layer, just vacuum the mattress surface. This will help flatten lumps and fill in any indentations.

Place Pillows Under Your Mattress

The pillow trick will not fix a mattress with a serious bow, but it can help even out any indentations and add a bit of support as a quick temporary fix. You could think of this method as a type of spot treatment for any mattress divots. Locate the indentations on your mattress, which are likely where your shoulders and hips press into the bed and slide a flat pillow under it.

Use Plywood to Help Reinforce Your Mattress Foundation or Frame

Mattress foundations and frames, otherwise known as bases, provide a reliable flat surface for your bed. An eve, sturdy base helps support your body weight and will reduce the natural sagging that comes with prolonged and extended use. Without one, your mattress will surely sink, which can cause aches and pains. Bases also help keep your bed clean and protected by lifting it off the floor.


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